The Region's Largest Fleet Service Team


When Louis Chevrolet made his first vehicle way back in 1911, he could not have dreamed just how far his company would come over the next 100 years. His visionary beginnings gave way the creation of a range of cars, trucks and vans that ultimately made up one of the widest fleet offerings in the region. Louis knew that no two businesses were alike and as such, made sure that no two vehicles were the same either. Each and every Chevrolet has been specifically designed to serve a particular need.

Whether it be the raw grunting power of a truck, the convenience of a van, the economical nature of a small runaround car or even a flashy muscle car designed to impress, there is always a Chevrolet that's perfect for your needs. But Louis also knew that whilst having the perfect vehicle is all well and good, it has to have the perfect price tag too. Which is why all of our fleet solutions are among the most affordable of any car brand and are able to be perfectly tailored to fit any business budget. Even this was not enough for Mr. Chevrolet, which is why we created Chevrolet Care.

This comprehensive after sales service takes care of your vehicles from the moment you drive them off the showroom floor. It services, maintains, guarantees and even offers roadside assistance to each and every Chevrolet you own. All at the lowest cost on the market with no hidden fees or charges ever. With all of this available to you today, we know that Louis would be proud.


Keeping your fleet running on the road at a highly competitive total cost of ownership come at the center of our interest.
Here at Chevrolet ,we value your concern on the cost of service and the required timing to service your vehicles , therefore we launched the Chevrolet Certified and Menu Pricing Program that has been designed to help you:

  • Benefit a wide range of Service Packs with a competitive rate
  • Competitive market-based parts and service pricing for items covered in the program
  • Reduce the amount of vehicles that must wait for service allowing same day servicing and delivery
  • Transparency on cost of service and improved total cost of Ownership
  • Fix it right first time

Any car brand can shout about their wide range or seemingly affordable offerings. They can barrage you with numbers, facts and figures. And most of them are pretty good at getting that contract in front of you before your complimentary coffee has even cooled. But at Chevrolet, we know that your business needs are important and we have a highly trained and technically unrivalled staff who will be more than able to take care of anything that your business needs. But more than that, we understand that you are a person. You have questions, worries and concerns.
You have good days and bad days, just like the rest of us. At Chevrolet we are here not to just provide you with a service, but to also be your partner. We genuinely want your business to succeed more that you could have ever dreamed and we will do everything in our power to make those dreams come true. So contact our service team today and find out what we can do for you today.

A Chevrolet vehicle can be leased for a pre-agreed period of time against certain monthly payments including insurance.

Now introducing our unique "Chevrolet Care Program" for a service and maintenance experience ensured to keep your mind at rest when it comes to maintaining your car. We guarantee cost transparency along with numerous features designed to take complete care of your car conveniently, efficiently, and with excellent value for money.

If you're interested to learn more about our fleet program, ask a question or talk you can contact us by either calling or visiting your local dealer or, better yet, fill in our simple fleet enquiry form online.